How can you identify the presence of termite?

Different types of termites are founded in all over the world. They can easily damage your property made of wood. Besides this, you find other insects in your house like ants, rodents, etc. Mostly insects spread many diseases, so you need to eliminate these insects. You can hire pest control professionals to กำจัดหนู (eliminate rodents) You can also use some home solutions to get rid of termites.

Identification of termite
Termites are social insects raise young in a group. Mostly, worker, soldier and adult termites are most harmful to your property made of wood. Usually, termite has six legs and straight pointing beady antennas. They have a large head with segmentation of ribbed texture in place of the distinct body. They swarm like the mist species of ants. Worker termites have no wings. The worker termites may be male or female who are sterile and blind.
Soldier termites are also blind and wingless. Worker and soldier termites live about one to two years. Kings and queens are the only reproductive members of the colony. Some termites have wings. They can damage the wood very fast by non-stop eating it 24 hours. They also create some health issues like breath problem, headache allergic problems, and other skin problems.

Effect of weather on termite’s population
Termites prefer to thrive in a moist warm atmosphere like other insects of the world. They become more active in the season of summer and spring. Food, water, and warmth are the source of their increasing population. You can find them on the walls of your homes, on the roots of tree and plants and other moist warm places where they can feed. But in winter you will find no termites because in this season they go deep in the ground or die. So weather makes great changes in the population and work of termite.