My Cutie Baby: requires a bath to remain clean and tidy

My Cutie Baby has a delicate skin, which does not need a daily bath in the true sense. A clinical wash with a mild antiseptic solution is enough for a wipe and possibly sometimes more in the pelvic region, the neck and mouth. The initial days does not need bath till the navel is free of the cord. Once done you need to fix a prescribed time slot for the event.

Stick to a fixed time for bathing your newborn
The babies too have a biological clock and the all routines must have a fixed time. Select a time, which makes the least interruptions to the baby’s bathing chore. Mornings are preferred as the babies are more alert after the nightlong sleep and they enjoy the experience. In other words, you need to consider the baby’s eagerness to get a bath and the way the whole affair participates.

My Cutie Baby – stick to sponge bath for the initial weeks
My Cutie Baby needs to be comfortable at all hours of the day. If they appear to sleep better after a bath, you may opt to give them one at night. Ensure to have the water warmed up to the ambient temperature. The tub needs to be filled till brim, as the baby needs a handful of splashes. Keep an eye of the baby’s reaction and make sure the event is enjoyed.
Ascertaining the quantity and temperature of water needs skill and experience
There is a progressing discuss in mycutiebaby.comconcerning how much water the child requirements for the infant shower. The debate continues how warm the water should be but should not be a distracting factor as you can always ensure the baby’s comfort level with a few initial splashes on their body.