Why water testing is important in daily life

Water is the priceless and precious gift of the almighty to the humans for their survival. It not only quenches the thirst of the weary travelers but also used in cooking and preparing varieties of food stuffs drinks lemonade , fruit juice etc but nowadays many people are suffering from water borne disease due to the intake of polluted and infected water, full of germs, bacteria and virus sometimes it proves fatal for the people. So water testing should be treated as the most urgent task that needs almost priority.

Very often epidemics break out in a certain area after the natural calamities like floods and drought and take a heavy toll of population. This catastrophe is the result of the use of untested infected water containing the harmful microorganisms. So water testing has a vital importance in this twenty first century to ensure a healthy and a disease free life to the inhabitants of the earth.

First of all proper planning should be make for water treatment samples of water from different water bodies of different places should be collected. Then those should be examined in the laboratories and percentage of water pollution should be ascertained. Then the types and amounts of pollutants should be identified and specified. Then the methods for their purification should be determined without affecting the minerals or nutrients present in it. Then the task of designing and manufacturing water testing devices should be undertaken so that it will be within the reach of the common people at an affordable price. In certain places the big water testing laboratories or centre should be act up to provide a detailed report on the purity of the public hydration system to the inhabitants.

Government should also organize awareness campaigns for the people and instigate them to use water testing devices in their homes to keep them safe and secure from the fatal water borne disease. While sometimes water testing seems to be a general health issue, but at other times if presents itself as the most sensible issue as the polluted water brings gravest consequences for its user.